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w188.jpgPattoo is the traditional dress of local women folk of district Kullu. It looks like a shawl but is thicker, heavier and longer as is available in sizes of 2.80 x 1.40 meters and 3 x 1.50 in 9). Pattoo is worn over the clothes (suit, which consists of shirt up to knees and saiwar / pyjami) and is draped like a saree with a difference that instead of taking the end to only one shoulder, both the ends of the pauoo are pinned just below the shoulders on the front side with local silver pins/broaches, locally called boomani, which is a long silver chain. Pattoo is tied around the waist with a piece of cloth called gachchi (belt).The most characteristic feature of pattoo making is that being the traditional dress of the localities, it is manufactured as well as purchased by the local community and thus woven with local wool only. Most of the local women still prefer to wear pattoo as it is a very comfortable dress, which allows them to do their daily chores besides keeping them warm.






Technical Specifications of Pattoo:

Yarn Used:


2/ 44's, to 2/ 64's Woolen Worsted


2/ 44's to 2/ 64's Woolen Worsted , Hand Spun- Pashmina, Angora, etc.


2/ 32's Woolen Worsted / Acrylic. 2-3 ply.


2Mt. x 1Mt.


2/2 Twill (base) & Weft rib in patterning.


If woven in 2/ 48's count the weight of a Pattoo may vary from 360to 390gms, conditional on the outline & design.