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w188.jpgA stole is a lady's shawl, especially a formal shawl of expensive fabric. Stoles are used by sophisticated and fashion conscious women. It can be wrapped around the body like a shawl or can be hung from the shoulders. A stole is typically narrower than a shawl, and of simpler construction than a cape; being a length of a quality material, wrapped and carried about the shoulders or arms. Lighter materials such as silk, Pashmina, Angora Rabbit Wool, chiffon are also used besides traditional materials like sheep wool and yak wool.


Technical Specifications of stole:

Yarn Used:


2/44's to 2/64's woollen worsted.


2/44's to 2/64's woollen worsted, hand-spun—Indian wool, Pashmina,silk, Angora (Rabbit Wool), Yak Wool, etc.


2/32's woollen worsted/ acrylic 2-3 ply.


0.50 m x 2 m.


2/2 Twill (base) & Weft rib in patterning.


Weight of a stole may vary from ……… to ……….. gm depending on the patterning, design and material used.