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Tweed (Coat Patti)


w188.jpgTweed Cloth here in Himachal called as Patti is a short width coarse fabric made of sheep wool. It is woven on the handloom and measures 90 cm wide having an appropriate length . Patti fabric is generally used for making close neck coats, gents coats, over coats, jackets, ladies suits, pants and suthan (pyjamas). Initially women folk used this patti as pattoo, which was thicker and heavier than the pattoo. It is a tradition among the local people that for making chola, i.e. male gown, the wool obtained from the first shearing of a lamb is used.


Technical Specifications of Tweed:

Yarn Used:


2/ 44's, to 2/ 64's Woolen Worsted


2/ 44's to 2/ 64's Woolen Worsted , Hand Spun- Pashmina, Angora, etc.


2/ 32's Woolen Worsted / Acrylic. 2-3 ply.


2Mt. x 1Mt.


2/2 Twill (base) & Weft rib in patterning.


If woven in 2/ 48's count the weight of a shawl may vary from 360to 390gms, conditional on the outline & design.