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Gent's Shawls or Gent's Shawls or Loi

w188.jpgLoi is also termed as chaddar by the local people. It is a gent's shawl, which is usually bigger in size . The size of a loi may vary from 1.15 x 2.30 in 1.40 x 2.80 m. Loi is woven in light woolen fabric and is usually plain or with a narrow border at the ends. Men drape it around and over the shoulders. It is generally made from mill-spun fabric and sometimes from hand-spun weft also. These are generally available in shades of brown, gray and white. Pashmina loi is the costliest ones.








Technical Specifications of Gent's Shawl:

Yarn Used:


2/48's to 2/64's woollen worsted, Angora.


2/48's to 2/64's woollen worsted, Angora, Rabbit Wool, Hand-spun Indian Wool, Pashmina, etc.


1.15 m x 2.30 m, 1.30 m x 2.60 m, 1.40 m x 2.80 m.


2/2 twill.


550 gm to 650 gm.